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We are a new-age Water purifier brand which originates from India to serve the people of its country. We have taken a challenge to provide 100% pure and healthy water in every household. We study and understand the need of pure water for every person, the water present and accessible for consumption and the purification hassles which most purifiers bring with themselves.We have a motive to provide the most pure Sr healthy water at an affordable price for everyone.

About Us

Pure Dew Drop is a new-age water purifier brand have a motive and vision to provide the most pure and healthy water at an affordable price for everyone.Water contamination is one of the biggest problems in India. Drinking untreated water is a cause of various diseases. To combat this problem many companies have come up with water purifiers. They are cheaper than bottled water and effective than boiled water. Since water purifier is an essential item in the household we bring you some guidelines that will help you make the optimum choice.


We have wide range of Tecchnological advanced water purifier to cater the need of Indian household and Industries both.To become an answer for all kinds of consumable purification needs worldwide led by innovation and spreading awareness about health and pure lifestyle.

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To help people be healing while being the top most consumer-centric commpany in India.

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We always try to bring new technology in market & innovate at every aspect of our dealing to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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Smart RO System

Model : PPDE
MRP- ₹.18990

Ultra Smart

Model : PDDD
MRP- ₹.18990

Aqua Prima

Model : PDDC
MRP- ₹.18990

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What Customers Say

  • Honestly speaking, it gave us a good service in the first year, and customer service department was OK and the local guy was helpful every time.

    Rita Roa - Home Maker
  • Hi friends, I bought this Pure Dew Drop Water Purifier around 4 month ago stile I am using it and work proper . it is user friendly. the quality of this water purifier is very good and it s reliable and durable it also handy . It stylish and having modern design it attract me and all it new customers . it has lesser maintenance charge in compare to others.

    Paromita Dutta - Teacher
  • About Pure Dew Drop Purifiers, it is very good water purifier which is easily available in market at the cheapest value of money. So it can easily purchase by the middle and below middle families. It purify water up to 90% and keep free from germs and pesticides.

    Tanya Roy - Creative Director